imageOdera Group is established and run under a regularly audited Quality Management System that seeks to make us a giant in NDT, Integrity Inspection and Management and much more in our area of practice.

We offer services in a quality, safe and cost effective manner. We ensure these through using adequately and continually trained personnel, providing them with up-to-date technologies, developments and necessary resources. Count on Odera Group for service performance and reliability. Our services will meet or exceed your expectations.


Our Team

We acknowledge that to be outstanding, understanding is required. So our employees are trained to the highest standards to enable optimal application of carefully controlled Non-Destructive Testing and Integrity procedures and to meet stringent testing standards.

Our team is made from the selection of a workforce that have a common goal and understanding in doing every activities together. We achieve and maintain these attitudes in our personnel by introducing them to our policies and procedures, constantly reminding them of our ethics, values and intent. To put our team ahead of others, we help them achieve what others don't. Our team are our greatest asset, we therefore continually make sure we bring out the best in them at all times through adequate training, more field experience and making available the right equipment.

Odera Group has put together a team of workforce that understand the essence of unity in achieving it goals and objectives. Odera Group operates its daily activities based on the bond of team players.

As we always strive to be a reference standard in every of our activities, so we understand that the most valuable of our resources are our team of employees, with our workforce we seek to always creat lasting attachment between the employees and the organisation. Just as we define what we stand for, so our ways help us in providing customers with satisfaction and attaining our objectives.

'Our Ways' help us to sustain the culture and objectives of the organisation in the following ways:

1. Providing employees with the necessary tools and resources to continually develop their career potential.
2. Making available to all employees equal and justifiable platform.
3. Ensuring that every employees' contribution are recognised regularly and duly compensated.
4. Sustaining and strenghtening the objectives of the organisation using dedicated employees.
5. Providing a conducive environment for effective output.


Latest News

PCN Training and Certification    |    Starting January 2014.



Our Stands

Team Work

We continually insist on team work, as it allows us reach our destination.

Uphold Responsibility

We cherish when responsibilities are governed with understanding, where everyone understand they have a role.


We are in a career and business of what we enjoy doing, we must exhibit this in every aspect.

Integrity and Accountability

We understand that our growth is greatly dependent on these, as it helps us to preserve who we are.


We are keen to always improve in every dimension, our vision and mission help us to desire more.

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