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Odera Axiom Consultants Limited.

We provides a comprehensive array of Advanced NDT techniques to a worldwide client base. Working with its international partners to develop and support quality advanced inspection technologies in the field. Specialising in Phased Array Ultrasonics (Complex Geometries and Austenitic Materials); Short Range Ultrasonic Testing (SRUT) Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD); HDPE & PPH Piping Inspections; Tube Inspection Services (RFT/ECT/NFT/IRIS); ACFM & Eddy Current Array; In-situ Metallurgy Replication; PAUT Boiler Tube Inspection; PAUT LNG Storage Tank Inspection; Pulsed Eddy Current Testing (PEC); 3D MFL Floor Scanning; Reformer Tube Inspection; Long Range UT; Short Range UT and Automated Corrosion Mapping.

Advanced NDT Services

The use of Automated Corrosion Mapping systems working with robotic scanners have been employed throughout many sectors of Industry for rapid overview of equipment condition. This is often referred to as AUT Corrosion Mapping, C-Map or Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping. The systems can acquire actual wall thickness over large areas of vessels and piping while the system remains in operation….

NDT Services

The non-destructive testing technology Magnetic Particle Inspection or MT as it is generally referred to is a simple crack detection tool for ferrous materials. MPI is used mainly for detecting surface breaking flaws. Some techniques will detect large sub-surface flaws. There are several levels of sensitivity and means of inducing magnetic fields in materials. MPI will detect flaws perpendicular to the magnetic field…


Odera Axiom Consultants Limited

We provide a comprehensive array of Advanced NDT techniques to a worldwide client base.


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