* Speed: scanning, data analysis, and reporting
* Highest resolution on the market offering easy to understand C-scan imaging
* High probability of corrosion detection with defects down to 1 mm identified
* Full data recording with adjustable reporting threshold feature
* Simple in-service deployment: No couplant and minimal surface preparation required
* Easy to operate with minimum training required
* Flexible heads fit a full range of pipe and vessel sizes

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Automated Corrosion Mapping

The use of Automated Corrosion Mapping systems working with robotic scanners have been employed throughout many sectors of Industry for rapid overview of equipment condition. This is often referred to as AUT Corrosion Mapping, C-Map or Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping. The systems can acquire actual wall thickness over large areas of vessels and piping while the system remains in operation. Typical Automated Corrosion mapping systems can inspect 20-30 sq. meters per standard workday. The benefit of using the automated imaging systems allows a picture (C-Scan Image) quickly identifies any significant reduction in wall thickness. These automated corrosion mapping scans can then be superimposed into development drawings of equipment and accurately indicate location of problem regions. The images on this page show some significant problems detected from field inspections.

Automated Corrosion Mapping Ultrasonic scans of materials uses a range of colours to represent the thickness range of part being inspected, typically blue colours are used to represent nominal wall thickness with orange and red colours used to indicate significant wall reduction. If your facility requires a high level of confidence from inspection results. Then Automated corrosion mapping surveys can quickly become cost neutral as opposed to high costs associated with unscheduled shutdowns, injuring personnel or damage to property and the environment. These examinations can be done online with minimal preparation at temperatures up to 550 F with custom probes and special couplants. Another application for this technology is the mapping of vessels with weld overlay to evaluate the presence and or extent of dis-bonding. Automated corrosion mapping of pipelines for follow up of Smart Pig surveys and Long-Range UT (LRUT) programs allows accurate assessment of localized areas of concern. Due to the speed of modern systems considerable coverage can be completed daily. If you have a critical system and you require 100% coverage for process reliability, then this is the solution you require.

Odera Axiom Consultants Limited

Allow the experts at Odera Axiom develop an inspection solution for your company, we can provide the Answer to obtaining the information you require to continue the safe operation of your plant equipment. Our team has over 25 years of experience in delivering advanced ultrasonic technology in the field, prior to their acceptance into construction codes as standard practices. We provide quality and integrity every day.


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