Eddy Current Surface Inspection

Eddy Current Surface Inspection: Odera Axiom personnel provide Eddy Current Non-Destructive Testing for the detection of surface connected flaws. This NDT technology is based upon the principles of inducing an electromagnetic field into a part and measuring the disturbance to that field by the presence of imperfections. The results are qualitative and based upon similar responses to known reflectors in calibration standards. This NDT technique is ideal for both ferrous and non-ferrous parts and is capable of inspection through coatings that are intact and smooth

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Power Industry

There has been numerous applications throughout this sector that rely heavily on Electromagnetic Testing NDT inspections to determine fitness for service such as Tank Farms; HEP piping systems; Valve Bodies; Hydro Stations (Draft Tube & Spiral Casing Welds).

Pharmaceutical Industry

Eddy Current testing is widely utilized throughout the global pharmaceutical industry; this NDT technique lends itself well to an environment with very high standards of hygiene as it is a very clean application compared to the alternative dye-penetrant test method. In addition, the extent of thin wall components of non-ferrous material is ideally suited to the technology; it can very accurately identify problems.


Electromagnetic Testing NDT inspections have greatly reduced the extent of grinding out minor indications on internal inspections. This was routinely done as a follow up to Magnetic Particle Inspections. Electromagnetic Testing allows setting threshold depths for defects that are acceptable for continued service. It is also the ideal technique for Coke Drum cracking with an added advantage that these inspections can be performed while the units remain in-service.

Leisure Parks

Amusement Parks use this Electromagnetic Testing NDT inspections to monitor the condition of welding associated on their high-speed rides. Large scale inspection programs are performed at all the major parks throughout the USA.
Tank Storage facilities utilize ET for internal and external inspection of circumferential seams and nozzles. ET does not require removing the paint coating which is necessary to allow magnetic particle testing to be carried out.


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