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Petrochemical – Oil & Gas Sector

Odera Axiom is a Global provider of Advanced NDT technologies both Onshore and Offshore for the Oil & Gas Sector, utilizing many years of field experience to deliver the most comprehensive array of solutions to our clients that allow minimum impact to their operations while providing the highest standards of valuable data to allow continued safe operation of plant equipment. Odera Axiom operates an ISO 9001 quality system that is accredited by the National Standards Authority. We pride ourselves in complete traceability and transparency in all facets of our business practices.

To date Odera Axiom have performed Inspections in Africa, Europe, Middle East & Asia both onshore and offshore in a variety of in-service routine inspections to new fabrication projects utilizing a full array of inspection technologies including, Phased Array; TOFD; Electromagnetic Techniques (Surface & Tube); MFL Floor Scanning and Field Metallurgy amongst other more traditional inspection techniques.

Odera Axiom has recently been involved in leading a practical approach to substitute Phased Array Ultrasonic techniques in lieu of Radiography for an offshore project for the evaluation of thin wall new fabrication Austenitic piping butt welds with thickness range between 3mm and 8mm and diameters varying between 1″ to 16″. Following comprehensive R&D concluded with validations for all three groups of materials (316L; 6Mo & Duplex) and incremental thickness/diameter ranges. Offshore radiography was never going to be a realistic option for this project due to restrictions on access to work areas that are imposed by site radiography. Findings from this project demonstrate that the Phased Array test method proved to be a very efficient means of performing inspection requirements and allowed for continuous production without interruptions for radiography.

Advances in ultrasonic equipment, probe design and scanning devices allow evaluation of these thin wall welds with confidence and recent inclusions in ASME standards for Phased Array inspection techniques make it a viable option for the end user. It was required to have commitment of end user and design flexibility to have all field welds to have a minimum of 100mm pup sections pre-welded to any fittings (Bends & T-Joints).



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