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Power Generation & Energy

Odera Axiom continues to support the Power Generation & Energy Sectors for planned outages and routine maintenance projects with the traditional NDT techniques like Radiography; Magnetic Particle; Dye Penetrant Testing; Ultrasonic, Field Replication and Visual Inspections of Generators, vessels and piping.

But through our commitment to drive innovation through technology in these sectors we have pursued the use of more advanced technologies such as Phased Array Ultrasonics; TOFD; ACFM; Tube Inspection Techniques (ECT/RFT/NFT/IRIS); Long Range UT; 3D MFL Floor Scanning.

Recently we were involved with EPL in overhaul of Boiler Tube Replacement during a short outage, ANS provided Phased Array Inspection for newly fabricated butt welds in-situ in Lieu of Radiography allowing 100% inspection without impacting production. Using the Olympus Omniscan MX2 and Cobra scanning system.

The project involved inspecting approximately 1800 tubes within a ten-day window, tubes were 1.5″ and 2″ diameter. During validation process for technique several sample welds were fabricated then split to enable EDM notches to be introduced for calibration and sensitivity reference. This is just an example of how utilizing technology can become cost neutral when looking at impact to other activities during very short outages.



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