Odera Axiom certified Non-Destructive Testing Inspection Engineers provide an extensive industrial radiography service. Radiography is a versatile NDT inspection technique providing a permanent record of findings.

Odera Axiom is licenced by the RPII to provide an industrial radiography service country wide.

We use both X and gamma radiography to provide a wide range of sensitivities depending on the material thickness and the type of defects to be located.

The x ray energies we use are from 50kV to 350kV and the gamma sources are Iridium 192 and Selenium 75.

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Odera Axiom has an in-house radiography service and we also provide an ‘on site’ service using our portable equipment.

Selenium Se75 is a particularly versatile source for radiography, it is very portable and with the use of fine grain film can achieve sensitivities approaching that of x ray. It can also be used in confined spaces as it is easier to collimate to reduce the controlled area.

Odera Axiom has a wide range of experience of providing radiography on Power Stations, Pharmaceutical Plant and in the Oil and Gas Industry.

At Odera Axiom our Inspection Engineers have extensive experience in providing the Answer to your radiography requirements.


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