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Automated Corrosion Mapping

Automated Corrosion Mapping Ultrasonic scans of materials uses a range of colours to represent the thickness range of part being inspected.

Phased Array Technique

This inspection application requires a good understanding of the damage mechanism and the limitations related to inspection access.

Time of Flight Diffraction

Plant equipment in the process, power and refining industries undergo exposure to conditions that may result in degradation, corrosion, or failure.

PAUT of Complex Geometry

In the past ultrasonic technicians were used to interpreting standard sectorial scans and using the aid of screen cursors to place defect location.

Computerised Radiography

This allows our mobile radiography teams to perform onsite processing and analysis of inspections, so clients have results in close to real time.

3D MFL Tank Floor Scanning

3D MFL Tank Floor Scanning: Odera Axiom continues to invest in the latest Technology with the addition of the Silverwing Computerised Magnetic Flux Leakage.

Odera Axiom Consultants Limited